How To Save Money at Whole Foods

How To Save Money at Whole Foods

Most of us are familiar with the saying that Whole Foods should really be called Whole Paycheck because of it's prices relative to other grocery stores. While it can definitely be more expensive for some things, there are DEFINITELY ways to save and hacks to get make your money go farther at Whole Foods. Because sometimes all you need is that freshly made Whole Foods spicy guacamole. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to save at Whole Foods:

Link your Amazon Prime Account with the Whole Foods App

With Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, Prime members have recently started seeing the benefits at their local stores. At the end of June, Prime savings rolled out to Whole Foods stores on the East Coast, which means that Prime users get an extra 10% off sale items.

To take advantage of this, all of you have to do is download the Whole Foods app and sign in to your Amazon Prime account when prompted. Once signed in, just show your unique bar code on your app at checkout and save $$!

To take full advantage of weekly sales, check out the sales on the app before you shop to see if it's a good time to stock up on your favorite items. When I went I was able to stock up on Lara bars (a staple in my household) and coconut water!

Use Apps for Cash Back

I'll talk more about this soon, but check out the Drop app! Drop has you link your credit cards and then pick five retailers where you commonly shop. Every time you shop at one of those retailers like Whole Foods, Target, or Uber, you rack up points that can be translated into gift cards -- including Whole Foods gift cards! Download the app here and start racking up points without even thinking about it. 

If you're willing to take one extra step, I recommend checking out the Ibotta app. Ibotta allows you to redeem cash back bonuses when you buy specific products. The way that I use Ibotta to make sure that I'm buying things I actually need - not buying because I have a coupon - is to check it out AFTER I've gone shopping.

Ibotta always has at least $0.25 cash back for any Whole Foods receipt regardless of what you buy. For me, it's a super easy thing to do after I unpack groceries and those quarters add up quickly - I've only been using for a few months have $30 already. (It's especially great if you're like me and go to the grocery multiple times a week to just pick up one or two things.)

Download Ibotta using this link and get a $10 welcome bonus!!

UPDATE: Another receipt-saving app I’ve been using is Fetch Rewards. It scans receipts and gives you points for buying specific brand names. This app tends to work best a big box grocery stores over Whole Foods but still 100% worth checking out because you don’t have to pre-pick coupons, you can just scan and get cash back! Sign up using referral code “D1CPW” here to get $3 just for signing up!

Let me know what other tips you have to save money at Whole Foods below! 

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