3 Apps That Save Money on Lunch

3 Apps That Save Money on Lunch

I don’t know about you but some weeks I’m great about meal prepping for the week and then other weeks… meh. For those days when you’re going out for lunch, see if there are ways to save a few dollars! I’ve rounded up my favorite apps to subsidize a fancy salad addiction – see if there are any that are new to you and enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch!


This relatively new app allows you to order ahead for takeout and has some fun features that reward you for picking up lunch for a colleague and more. Right now, most of the restaurant locations are clustered around the Downtown DC and Crystal City area and include favorites like Roti, Protein Bar, Fruitive, and more. Like other apps, you rack up rewards as you use the app, giving you opportunities for future savings.

Download Ritual here and get a $10 credit!

Chase Pay

I stumbled upon this one the other day and got a free Taylor Gourmet sub out of it! SO – if you have a Chase credit card, download the Chase Pay app and navigate to the “Order Ahead” section of the app. Check out what offers are available to you (right now they’re advertising $5 off but it may be more when you check it out!) and order lunch for favorites like Taylor Gourmet, Potbelly, Chopt, &pizza, and more.

Download Chase Pay and get at least $5 off when you order ahead!


You’ve likely seen the LevelUp scanner as you checkout and if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet – hop to it! LevelUp is awesome because it aggregates loyalty programs, offering a variety of discounts across different restaurants, so that you don’t have to download 50 different apps. As a bonus – LevelUp expands beyond just DC so if you use it while traveling you’ll likely get a first-timer discount when you use it out of state. (I got a free coffee when I used it at a local coffee shop in Louisville.)

Here’s the savviest way to use LevelUp:

  1. If don’t already have loyalty accounts with your favorite restaurant apps, download them using the invite codes below so that you get extra $$ off on your first purchase.

  2. Once you’ve unlocked your offers – access everything through LevelUp. (Delete those apps off your phone and save some space)

  3. Use the LevelUp app to keep track of where you have rewards and find new places to try that also offer rewards! (When I looked through my app I discovered I can get a free smoothie at Protein Bar and $5 off at Chaia – as if I needed an excuse to go get tacos this weekend)

With all of these options – take advantage of loyalty programs! They not only reward you for spending more but will also give you some sort of present (free lunch, cookie, whatever) on your birthday!

What other tips do you have for saving money on a healthy lunch? Leave a comment below!

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