Studio Review: Next Phase Arlington

Studio Review: Next Phase Arlington

I feel like I’ve been hoarding this review of one of my favorite local studios and today is the day to share it! Next Phase is a studio with locations in Arlington and Bethesda that offers a variety of circuit training classes that always change so that you’re constantly pushing yourself. Their classes are great for a variety of fitness levels and their instructors offer a judgement-free space for you to push yourself.

Read ahead for what to expect when you try out a class and grab a free class and a Sweat Smarter exclusive promo!

  • Studio: Next Phase Studio

  • Location: Arlington - Courthouse (they have a Bethesda location too but I’ve never been)

  • Transportation Info: 

    • Metro: Just 0.3 miles from Courthouse Metro - Orange/Silver lines

    • Bus: Lots of bus stops close by like Metro’s 34B and ART’s 43

    • Parking: I walk to the studio but there seems to be a good amount of street parking available!

    • Bikeshare: Yes! There is a dock a few blocks away by the Metro entrance.

  • Class Taken + Class Length: I’ve taken a variety of Next Phase’s Signature Circuit classes that are 50 minutes. Next Phase recently rolled out new programming where they shift the focus of each workout weekly to one of 6 phases (Endure, Grit, Contrast, Elevate, Drive, Gains). This means that some weeks you might be doing fewer reps with heavier weights and other weeks you’ll be trying to elevate your heart rate with lighter weights and more reps. In this way, no workout is ever the same and you’re consistently pushing your body in new ways so that you can see results.

    Next Phase’s Signature Circuit classes also have a different focus area that you can select when picking a class: Total Body, Legs & Glutes, or Upper & Core. Regardless of the focus area, you can expect two rounds of circuits with four stations that alternate between two exercises at each station. Each station is three minutes long and you’re typically with a partner or partners depending on the size of the class. In addition to the workout, also expect a good warm up and a final burn finisher before class is over.

    To get you a great workout, Next Phase has a lot of cool and effective equipment so that the options for exercise are endless. You can expect to use medicine balls, TRX straps, kettlebells, battle ropes, the VersaClimber, and more!

  • Good for beginners? Yes! What I love about Next Phase is that they give you modifications for each exercise so you can pick what is right for you. In the classes that I’ve taken, there has always been a variety of fitness levels and people so that both the 10lb and 60lb kettlebells are used in each class.

  • Sweat Level: You’ll definitely work up a sweat in class! I go to Next Phase with my fiancé and he always leaves a trail of sweat from station to station lol.

  • Sore After: Probably! Because no class is the same, you’re always working your muscle groups in new ways to challenge them so you can definitely expect some amount of soreness after class.

  • Vibe: The vibe is really welcoming and fun at Next Phase. The instructors are super friendly and do a wonderful job making an effort to know your name and cheering you on personally throughout class. This kind of workout can sometimes be intimidating, but Next Phase makes is very accessible and positive. You’re more likely to find that instructors are offering you high fives and cracking jokes than screaming at you to push harder or grab a heavier weight.

  • Amenities: Next Phase has limited amenities. They share a bathroom right outside the studio with the apartment building they’re attached to but there are not dedicated Next Phase bathrooms, showers, or changing areas. (And you have to walk through the studio space from the lobby to get to the bathroom.) They do have a water bottle filling station.

  • What To Wear: Any sort of athletic clothes and shoes are great. Whatever you feel strong and comfortable in works well.

  • What To Bring To Class: Water bottle and a towel if you think you’ll need it.

  • Price:

    • New Member Special: First class free!

    • Drop-In Price: $25

    • On ClassPass?: Yes. Classes are typically 7 credits

    • Sweat Smarter Exclusive: Get 20% off any class package here!

  • Try If You Like: If you like HIIT classes then definitely check out Next Phase. If you’ve been kind of intimidated to try a circuit-based class, but are looking for a workout that will really make a difference in your body, then I definitely recommend checking out Next Phase.

  • Sweat Smarter Summary: With your first class free, there is no reason not to try Next Phase. Their workouts are effective and go by quickly and their instructors are great! (Andy and Abby are my favorites!)

Let me know if there’s a studio that you’d like to see reviewed or if you’re a studio and would like to have Sweat Smarter come out for a review!

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