Studio Review: BASH Boxing

Studio Review: BASH Boxing

After a great year of promotion, BASH Boxing is now open in Rosslyn! The first boutique boxing studio in the neighborhood has literally come in swinging offering a great workout that combines boxing and interval training.

Read ahead for what to expect when you try out a class and grab a free class and a Sweat Smarter exclusive promo!

  • Studio: BASH Boxing

  • Location: Arlington - Rosslyn

  • Transportation Info: 

    • Metro: Just 0.3 miles from Rosslyn Metro - Orange/Silver/Blue lines

    • Bus: Lots of bus stops close by like Metro’s 34B and ART’s 43

    • Parking: I walk to the studio but there seems to be some street and garage parking available!

    • Bikeshare: Yes! There is a dock one block away on Clarendon and Pierce

  • Class Taken + Class Length: BASH offers just one type of class - a 45 minute workout that splits your time between boxing on their unique Aqua bag and interval floor work with weights. When you sign up for class you can choose whether you’d like to start on the floor or on an Aqua bag. You warm up together as a class and then go through four different rounds of exercises, two on each side, alternating in between. Similar to Orangetheory, each station has a clever screen that will remind you of the workout that you’re doing.

    I’ve taken class with four different instructors and they’ve all been great!

  • Good for beginners? Totally! While it may take a little time to get used to the punches, the coach goes through them at the start of class and you’ll quickly catch on. It’s easy to modify the floor workouts as well to make the exercise more challenging or toned down. The workout itself is very individualized so you’re able to go at your own pace.

  • Sweat Level: Sweaty! It depends on how hard you push yourself individually, but if you’re leaving it all on the floor, you’ll definitely be red-faced after class.

  • Sore After: Ish. After the first class I took, I wasn’t sore at all. However, after taking classes for three days in a row, I definitely felt soreness in parts of my body that I rarely use like my back and obliques.

  • Vibe: BASH is all about energy and working out in a supportive environment. Your coach will tell you that they’re “in your corner” and throughout the workout you’ll feel that. In terms of the workout vibe, expect dark lighting and motivating music — the exact vibe you want when you’re punching the Aqua bag as hard as you can. From the classes I’ve taken, I’d also note that you can also expect a more even male/female ratio in class so it’s definitely a good class for everyone.

  • Amenities: BASH has the standard amenities - lockers, bathrooms, showers, and water bottle filling stations. As a fun bonus, BASH also collaborated with South Block to make a BASH Bar that you can purchase as an after-class snack.

Branding is on point at the BASH showers.

Branding is on point at the BASH showers.

  • What To Wear: Any sort of athletic clothes and shoes are great. Whatever you feel strong and comfortable in works well.

  • What To Bring To Class: Water bottle and hand wraps (see below for details).

  • Price:

    • New Member Special: First class free!

    • Sweat Smarter Special: 5 classes for $125! ($4 off/class)

    • Drop-In Price: $29

    • On ClassPass?: Nope.

    • Additional Costs: In order to take class, you’re required to have hand wraps, which are available for purchase for $7. (They’re cute and you can use them if you go to any other boxing studio.) You also need to have or rent boxing gloves to wear over your hand wraps. They’re available to rent for $2 or to purchase for $95 (or cheaper on Amazon!).

  • Try If You Like: If you like HIIT classes and are looking to spice it up, try boxing! Honestly if you’re even just looking to let out some stress — try it.

  • Sweat Smarter Summary: BASH is a super fun addition to Arlington group fitness scene. Their community feel, effective workout, and easy location make this a definite studio to check out. Try out a free class and maybe schedule it when you feel like you just need to punch something ;) (And if you’re further down the Orange line, look our for their second studio opening in Ballston Quarter next year.)

Let me know if there’s a studio that you’d like to see reviewed or if you’re a studio and would like to have Sweat Smarter come out for a review!

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