Should I Buy Boxing Gloves?

Should I Buy Boxing Gloves?

Much like spin shoes, boxing gloves are one of those fitness items that you can rent every time you go to class OR you can invest in your own. With Rumble Boxing opening up in DC on April 12, I wanted to take the time to quickly break down the cost-benefit of buying gloves so you can figure out if they’re right for you with some key things to consider.

How much does it cost to rent gloves at your favorite studio?

Most studios charge around $2-3 a pair so keep that in mind. Also consider that studios also require you to have hand wraps (they’re not available to rent). They’re normally a one-time purchase and, like gloves, can be re-used across classes and gyms. Hand wrap prices are noted in parentheses.

  • BASH - $2 glove rental; $7 hand wrap purchase

  • NUBOXX - $2 glove rental; $10 hand wrap purchase

  • Rumble - $3; $8 hand wrap purchase

What kind of gloves do you like to use?

Like most things, there are hundred of options for cool boxing gloves. You can purchase gloves directly with the studio that are most likely prettier but also more expensive or you can buy them from a third party at a likely lower price. For reference, buying gloves directly from studios like BASH or Rumble will cost you anywhere from $82-110. In contrast, you can grab gloves in all kinds of colors on Amazon for under $20.

How frequently do you go to class?

From our quick math, boxing gloves are quickly worth it if you go to over 10 classes*. Basically, if you’re going to class at least once a month, you should definitely consider grabbing your own pair of gloves.

*Because this is Sweat Smarter, this assumes you opted for the cheaper gloves on Amazon.

Some other things to consider:

Hygiene – Unlike spin shoes, I would say that renting gloves each class is probably more hygienic (and less cumbersome) than buying your own. The studios, especially fancy ones like BASH and Rumble, have very high-tech machines that deep clean gloves after each class so you don’t have to. You can totally clean your gloves on your own too - here are some tips.

Carrying your gloves – Consider your routine before/after boxing class. Are you driving to class and can leave your gloves in the trunk or will you be Metro-ing to and from class and carrying your gloves with you? Are you the kind of person who will forget to throw your gloves in your bag before you head out for work in the morning?

Happy Boxing!!

If you haven’t tried local studios yet, remember that your first class at BASH is free! Click here to register.

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