Remember to Pack These Items for Your Weekend at Getaway House

Remember to Pack These Items for Your Weekend at Getaway House

Caleb and I spent the other weekend at Getaway! If you’re not familiar with them, Getaway is a great company that has created “outposts” of tiny cabins about two hours from a number of cities across the country (the list includes Atlanta, Boston, New York, Dallas, LA, Portland + more coming!). For us in the DC area, the cabins are located in Virginia just 15 minutes outside of Shenandoah National Park. The cabins provide you with the basics (including A/C and heating and plumbing!) for a weekend away so that you can spend time just enjoying the outdoors and relaxing.

The purpose of Getaway cabins is as simple as the name — their goal is to help you get away from busy city life and use your night or two away to disconnect from work and technology and focus on slowing down and appreciating nature.

I had such a positive experience with Getaway and have a number of things I’d like to share in future posts but first I’ll tell you about what to pack, including my #1 must-have for a Getaway house weekend.

Thankfully, Getaway has thought of everything and aims to make your pre-Getaway packing needs very low stress and easy. In the cabins, they provide all the basics you need including:

  • Bathroom supplies (towels, shampoo/conditioner/soap, toilet paper, even tampons!)

  • Drinking water

  • Dishes, utensils, cookware (including matches), tin foil — plus salt, pepper, and olive oil

  • Cleaning supplies (paper towels, sponge, dish soap)

  • Bedroom linens

  • Books, cards, and a radio

Packing a good book and cozy pajamas is encouraged.

Packing a good book and cozy pajamas is encouraged.

They also have a number of “provisions” you can buy for a nominal fee (no mini bar prices here!) if you want to grab any of their food. I bought their pour over coffee each morning for $1.50 and it was lovely. Firewood and fire starters are also included for purchase, which so nice that we didn’t have to worry about tracking down those on our own.

With that in mind — here is what I recommend packing:

  • Hiking clothes + shoes (remember that it’s normally a little cooler out in the wilderness so bring layers)

  • Sunscreen + hat depending on the time of year you’re out and about.

  • Extra long layers for around the fire. I’m a cozy human so I love layering up at night around the fire and long layers at night are a great way to prevent mosquito bites.

  • Food! The cabin has a fridge so you can bring whatever you need to make meals. We brought veggies and veggie burgers to cook over the campfire and had lots of snacks to have with us on hikes. There is a great cook top in the cabin so you’re not beholden to your fire and can make basically anything you dream up. Next time we go, I’m going to make sure to bring eggs to make on the cook top and PB&J’s to bring on our hike.

  • Water Bottle. You can fill these guys in your cabin before you leave but grab a reusable one!

  • Drinks - because who doesn’t love a good can of beer or wine around a campfire?

  • Extra s’mores supplies. Getaway is the sweetest and gives you s’mores fixing as a welcome gift but, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be wanting more than two s’mores throughout the weekend :)

  • And my number one must pack —- MOSQUITO REPELLENT BRACELETS! I am someone who gets bitten by mosquitoes SO easily and, if you’re doing your Getaway in the summer, these suckers are everywhere. Thankfully, the combination of these miracle bracelets (one on your wrist, one on your ankle) + an extra layer of bug spray left me with only ONE bite from two nights out in the woods.

And that’s it! Seriously — it’s a super simple packing process and Getaway does a great job to keep you stocked up on all of the necessities. You can check out a full list of what’s in a cabin here.

If you’re interested in trying out Getaway, use the code “KRISTA25" for $25 off your stay. (And if you want to see more, here is a video of our weekend away.)

Disclosure: Getaway provided us with a free stay but did not require that I write anything about my experience and provided no further compensation. The code above is not an affiliate link - just a great deal.

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