September 21 - Weekly Round Up

September 21 - Weekly Round Up

My BIRTHDAY EVENT IS THIS WEEKEND! I’m so excited to celebrate my 30th birthday with a CycleGiving ride at Cyclebar Falls Church on Sunday. I so hope to see some of you there — all the proceeds go to local charity Bright Beginnings! Sign up here.

Deal Alerts

  • Have you guys noticed that there have been a ton of INSANE Classpass deals going around? If you haven’t tried Classpass yet, you can get a whole month FREE if you’re a new member. 100% worth doing it if you haven’t tried yet. This link should work.

Cool Events

Outdoor events are in full swing with the fall weather coming. Here’s what’s on the radar this weekend:

  • Saturday: The Old Town Waterfront Fitness Festival is this weekend! If it’s anything like the Arlington festival, it’s going to be an awesome one!!

  • Sunday: Did I mention my BIRTHDAY SPIN CLASS?!

  • Upcoming: Next Saturday, United Women in Business is hosting a boxing fusion class with MINT and Sweetgreen. Sign us up!

  • And don't forget! Wanderlust 108 is next Saturday too and it’ll be the first 5K I’ve ran in like four years - let’s do this.

As always, find out more upcoming and FREE events on our Events page!

Good Stuff

  • I got these for my birthday and they’re about to completely change my workout game. Can’t wait!!

  • Also got these new kicks and I’ve never been so excited for new sneakers!

Picture from my rooftop workout at The LINE hotel this week hosted by Outdoor Voices. Check out their Events page (and here!) for more of their upcoming events!

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