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FREE: Physical Fitness Testing at E60

Come join us at E60 Fitness in Arlington for a free event where our certified fitness experts will help you:
- Perform physical fitness testing to identify where your fitness level stacks up against the standards for your age and gender.
- Record bodyfat percentage and identify what you are currently classified as from a body composition standpoint.
- Perform max testing on specific lifts.

Do you wonder if your body is considered healthy?
Do you wonder if your fitness level is in-line with what it should be?
Do you wonder where your strength stacks up against your peers?

Physical Fitness Testing will include (all optional):
- Max Consecutive Pushups in 1 Min
- Max Consecutive Situps in 1 Min
- Timed 1.5 Mile Run

BodyFat Testing will include (optional):
- 1 bodyweight reading from commercial scale
- 1 height measurement from body measuring tape
- 1 bodyfat reading from handheld device

Max PR Testing will include (optional):
- Consecutive Pullups
- 1 Rep Max Bench Press
- 1 Rep Max Squat
- 1 Rep Max Deadlift

You can choose to participate in any, all, or none of the physical events. We'll have local vendors, raffle prizes, and refreshments on-site including the DMVs best meal prep company, Mighty Meals. All are welcome!

NOTE: If you would like to participate in physical fitness testing and/or max testing, please RSVP using the link below:

Earlier Event: August 25
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