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Kinstretch with Kasia

Come learn about body control and mobility from Kasia Galica- a functional range conditioning mobility specialist, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. Take the class that major league sports teams are already incorporating into their routines. KINSTRETCH® is movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.
Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC®, is a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training, which, unlike many current systems, is based in scientific principals and research.

Mobility, defined as the extent of controllable flexibility across articulations (flexibility plus strength), refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses. FRC utilizes the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tried and tested training methods to increase ones active, useable ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength/resilience, and neurological control.

In essence, this innovative training system improves the ability to control, and move ones own body. Learn more about the class at

Space is limited. Reserve your spot on Search 'lululemon'

$55 for the 4 week series

$45 for 3 classes

$30 for 2 classes

$16 for single drop-in

Payment required 12 hours in advance after you register. Kasia will contact you directly to coordinate payment options. More info here.